AutoFlight Versions


    AutoFlight Versions

    Currently you can choose from two main AutoFlight versions:

    • The new, improved and much more stable AutoFlight 1.0 Beta with support for both the Parrot Bebop and AR.Drone 2.0.
    • The old AutoFlight 0.2 with support for AR.Drone 2.0 only.

    New AutoFlight 1.0 Beta

    This release is continually being updated. New builds are frequent and include new features and bug fixes. These can be downloaded from Bintray. Every version has a build number corresponding to the hash of the git commit it originated from. They do not follow a sequential order.

    To download the latest AutoFlight build, please follow the Bintray link below and choose your operating system. For Windows, there are now two types of packages: A more compact 7-zip archive containing a portable version of AutoFlight, and a traditional MSI installer. Both are functionally identical.

    Download AutoFlight 1.0 Beta on Bintray

    Old AutoFlight 0.2

    This is the latest release of the AutoFlight 0.2 series. It is now discontinued, but you can download it here:

    Download AutoFlight 0.2 on Bintray