Welcome! My name is Lukas Lao Beyer. You just have found this website on which I try to post those personal projects I think could be of use to others. My projects are software and electronics related, and serve mostly autodidactic purposes. I try to maintain the projects as much as I can and want to provide useful documentation, but please understand that this is not always possible as I am in school (I am 18 years old) and like moving forward quickly, exploring new and sometimes unrelated fields with new projects. Because of that, I like to keep all my projects completely open-source so anyone can freely modify and redistribute them or use them as inspiration.

This website (originally called lbpclabs.com) started as a place for AutoFlight, my AR.Drone 2.0 control program, but I will continue to add new projects!


You can contact me at lukas AT electronics DOT kitchen.