Flight Data


    High altitude balloon flight data

    Here you will find all data collected during the 2014 high altitude balloon flight.

    Sensor data only

    This is a semicolon-separated CSV file with about one data point per second. It includes:

    • GPS Position (latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and heading)
    • Temperature (inside and outside the capsule)
    • Atmospheric pressure
    • Humidity
    • Geiger counter reading (in counts per minute; note that the sensor saturated at high altitudes and was unable to count accurately)

    Download (1.9 MB)


    There were two cameras on board. Camera 1 was a 5 MP Raspberry Pi Camera pointing to the horizon and Camera 2 a 720P webcam pointing to the ground.

    Pictures were taken every 30 seconds. All pictures that turned out somewhat good are on Flickr: