PC control software for the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 and Bebop UAVs

Some features

Control the drone from your PC

Full sized video stream, navigation data display, HUD and gamecontroller input support with an intuitive interface

Python scripting

Automate your drone using a set of predefined control functions and the full power of the Python programming language

MAVLink? (work in progress)

AutoFlight acts as a proxy between your Bebop drone and MAVLink-enabled software!


AutoFlight binaries are available for Windows and Ubuntu, and can be compiled for other platforms, too.

Computer vision

OpenCV is integrated & bundled to allow real-time image processing and computer vision from within AutoFlight.

Free and open source

AutoFlight is open source, and everyone is encouraged to modify, extend and share it!

Downloads and documentation


How to get started using AutoFlight. Please read this before using the software.

Go to the documentation

New AutoFlight 1.0 Beta

This is the new AutoFlight with Bebop drone support. Prebuilt packages for Ubuntu and Windows available.

Choosing a version

Source code

For compiling AutoFlight on other operating systems or extending/modifying it.

Go to GitHub