General Information


    The FreeSRP SDR is a work in progress!

    Please check out the main project page as well.

    950 MHz 2.4 GHz WiFi


    For information on how to install and use this software, see the Getting Started page.


    libfreesrp is a C++ library for programming, controlling and getting data from the FreeSRP. It can be used to write applications that interface with the FreeSRP.

    GNURadio compatibility

    To use the FreeSRP as a general-purpose SDR transceiver, you can install GNURadio. The FreeSRP is compatible with GNURadio through a fork of gr-osmosdr (original project page, my fork), which also allows it to be used with Gqrx and many other GNURadio-based programs.

    Firmware and FPGA design

    Coming soon!


    The FreeSRP is a single 10x7cm PCB with an RF frontend, an FPGA for processing and a USB 3.0 interface.

    RF frontend

    The frontend is based on the Analog Devices AD9364 RF transceiver. Its main features are:

    • Frequency coverage from 70 MHz to 6 GHz
    • 50 MHz bandwidth
    • 12-bit DACs and ADCs
    • Frequency and time division duplex


    A Xilinx Artix 7 XC7A50T FPGA is connected to the parallel CMOS interface of the AD9364 and the GPIF II interface the USB 3.0 microcontroller provides.

    It is used for real-time signal processing. Configuration happens through the USB microcontroller, which loads the bitstream onto the flash memory the FPGA uses. A JTAG debugging interface is provided as well.

    USB interface

    For USB 3.0 connectivity and system control the Cypress EZ-USB FX3 CYUSB3014 microcontroller is used.