SMD Reflow


    Simple Reflow Controller

    Here you will find basic information on the reflow controller hardware and a guide to setting it up.


    • A new or used oven. An infrared toaster oven, preferably with convection, or a halogen convection oven should work fine.
    • A relay (mechanical or solid state, both should work just fine), supporting the power required by your oven, and the miscellaneous hardware and wires required to hook it up to the oven.
    • A K-type thermocouple able to withstand temperatures in excess of 250°C.
    • A Simple Reflow Controller board. Check out the main project page for information on how to get one.

    Getting Started

    The controller board is preloaded with the reflow software. To start using it, you should:

    • Set up the oven you want to use for reflow. See this article for information on how to do this.
    • Connect the K-type thermocouple to the connector labeled "TC", paying attention to the polarity of the thermocouple. The positive terminal should be yellow or green.
    • Attach relay control + and - to the "OVEN" connector on the controller board.
    • Connect the controller to your computer via USB and set up the reflow controller software. Installing and using the software as well as tuning the oven's parameters is described here.

    Additional information

    Hardware details

    Firmware details